Monday, May 6, 2013

Busy days!

I was out Thursday and Friday of last week; Thursday was spent working on our new CCSS Math 1 course. Man, is there a lot of work still to be done!

We have a basic outline of what is going to be included in each unit and when it's going to be taught during the year. We saw a list of the topics to be covered on both the MYA (mid-year assessment) and the EOY Assessment (end-of-year assessment). It looks like once we integrate the geometry into the algebra - our original reason for choosing the integrated path - we'll be in good shape timewise.

This, of course, assumes that we'll be able to teach what is intended and the kids are ready to move on. BIG assumptions there.

My next task is to populate a livebinder with resources, links, and ideas. I need somewhere to start.  Then I think I can come up with some more concrete plans.  And to think that a couple of months ago I was determined not to work this summer.  Ha!  (It wouldn't have happened anyway. I can't unplug.)

On Friday our seniors were out for the first half of the day for what we call Senior Life Skills Day. They attend a series of sessions covering Sex, Breast/Testicular Cancer, Social Media, Self-Defense, and Financial Literacy. I haven't attended for quite a few years but because I have a senior homeroom this year I stuck with them. It was pretty interesting, and I think the kids enjoyed it... I did hear one kid comment after a few sessions that both the Sexpertise and Social Media sessions scared the crap out of him.  I think it's a nice chance for the kids to get out of the "bubble" they live in!

I left Friday around lunch time; a friend and I traveled to Indianapolis to run in a half marathon on Saturday morning. I'm not quite sure what to think about the race; I actually enjoyed the run and felt comfortable, but wish I'd had a better time. Yet if I'd gone faster I wouldn't have felt as good and enjoyed it as much.  Plus, I had to stop around mile 3 at a port-a-potty.  Have you seen/heard/read about Dan Meyer's grocery lane query? That was me when standing in line. Should I have picked the longer line of mostly guys or the shorter line with mostly women?

I chose poorly. And we won't even talk about the woman in front of me who let a friend jump in.

So I made it back to school today met by 3 classes of Precalc quizzes to grade and 1 section of Algebra 1 quizzes to grade. At least one person in each class asked me if I had them graded yet. (Seriously?!) I even had to make a list of all the stuff I had to do just to make it more manageable.  Then during 6th period, one of our study hall monitors/building subs brought me 18 shiny presents... Chromebooks to use with my Algebra classes!  So much for grading!

I'm starting some probability here soon (started today in my Algebra 1 class) and would love to do some interactive lessons with them, but now I'm struggling trying to find some non-java based programs.  Today I found this but I'm not super happy with it. I'll definitely pull out some deal-or-no-deal and maybe a lottery simulator. I'll definitely be on the lookout for some better options.

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