I'm giving my precalc kids a quiz tomorrow on arithmetic and geometric sequences. It's been kind of a weird last week or so, so it'll be interesting to see how they do.

A couple of reasons why:
1.  Instead of assigning book work, we're trying out the MathXL program. I think this is a pretty easy topic (especially when compared to others) so it's a good chance to try it. But as with all new things, there have been some bugs. Kids have been working on problems late (or not at all, depending on their access). I'm not a big fan of that.

2.  I had to leave last Tuesday because my daughter's school called and she had a fever. I didn't get a chance to get anything "formal" together for my 3rd precalc class, so I just told them that their notes had been posted on schoology and to check those out and do the MathXL problems. The next day (of course) I ended up doing a quick re-teach, so I feel like I'm almost a day behind with that group. We'll see how they adjust.

Because I wanted to make sure they're on track, I used Snagit to create videos of me working out some of their review problems.  I've done this before, and it got me wondering why I ever stopped.  It's an easy way for the kids to see how to do something when they're confused.  (Here's one.)  But then I realized that I spent my whole 50-minute plan period doing this.  So maybe that's why I stopped?

But I also ran down to the copier and ran off some notes for Algebra 1.  And talked to one of our special ed teachers about some kids. And had to update my version of Snagit and restart my computer.

So maybe time shouldn't be such an issue.