The End is in Sight!

The next four weeks (five if you include exams) are always a crazy time around here.

Not only are we SO CLOSE to the end and the weather's turning nice, but kids will be in and out (and so will I).  In addition to AP exams starting on May 6, I will also have precalc kids out to accompany district 6th graders to their Outdoor Ed Adventure.  This is a pain; there are three sessions of kids going, 3 days each, with a middle overlap day.

It gets to be so that I don't even check the attendance list. If a kid isn't in class I assume it's for a good reason.

But it's not like we're going to keep learning, right?  I mean, come on, Mrs. Fouss!  We're not doing anything in any other of our classes! (My response?  Then you have plenty of time to get your math done!)

I decided to put it on the kids. I wrote up a calendar that I'm going to give to the kids so they know what they're missing. If they don't get assignments beforehand then they can deal with the penalties.  My plan is to get all of the worksheets printed up and available for them to pick up; I always give them a layout of the book assignments for each chapter in advance.

And I seriously can't believe we have 24 more days of school this year. Wowzers.