Monday, March 11, 2013


I'm a little disappointed right now. Not shocked, but sad.

I just had a nice conversation with a recruiter from Math Solutions and got a few more details about the job they're hiring for. It's presenting their Math-180 program that was just rolled out, and they're really needing people to come work for them.

Three big problems (on my end):

1. It's part-time. Although the flexibility would be amazing, that also means no benefits. No insurance, no money in my retirement account. No work, no money.
2. If I worked every week (a 2-day trip) I would still be making less than half of what I make now. I've never complained about my salary - I know I have it a lot better than most teachers around the country - but I can't justify that sort of reduction.
3. If I worked every week I'd be away from my kids for at least two days a week. Although the idea of traveling on my own every week sounds awesome, I'd miss my family too much and my husband's hours are so unpredictable (he could get home at 4 or 7 on any given night) and inflexible that it really would be hard to manage.

They're having a 2-day recruiting meeting in Dallas in a few weeks. During the middle of the week. She asked if I had some personal days I could use to get away from school (the company would pay for all expenses). But to take two personal days in a row? I don't even know that the district would let me, especially if I can't give a reason why.

The only plus that I can think of for trying this out is that it sounds like something I'd enjoy doing. And unfortunately that's not enough of a reason to leave my comfortable, well-paying job right now.

The recruiter said that if this isn't the right time for me, that's ok. This type of work isn't going away. Maybe it'll be a year (or a few) and then the fit will be right.

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