Thursday, March 21, 2013

Livebinders revisited

I spent the day with the CCSS Math 1 curriculum team trying to plan for next year's roll out of CCSS Math 1.  What an undertaking! We've gotten together about once a month for a full day trying to get stuff together. Because there won't be a book available (or money from the district to get new books), we decided that we're going to move forward with using Math XL, a Pearson product.  Today was mostly spent putting courses and then post-tests together for each of our units.

I think everyone realizes that there's a lot of resources "out there" for CCSS, it's just a matter of finding, sorting through, and organizing them. Our secondary curriculum director suggested that we put together a livebinder to house what we find; we'll be able to sort them into the units and easily search through what's there.

I'd kind of forgotten about livebinders; I've used them in the past to try and collect links but more often than not just tag things in diigo (and then forget about the resource when it comes time). But now I'm thinking I'll go back and try to organize all of my links into nice livebinders that I'll (hopefully) remember to reference.  I just made one with my precalc links that I had tabbed up above (I haven't done the trig tab yet... I'd like to sort through and classify them a little more).  And what's cool is that I can embed the livebinder into my blog so anyone who would like a visual of the resource can see it without any trouble.

So if you have a chance, check out the livebinder that I threw together for Precalc. My next undertaking will be to go through my diigo tags and get them in there, too.

Oh, and one cool thing. As we first opened up livebinders today, she suggested that we try a search for CCSS Math I to see livebinders that had already been made. One that showed up had one of my blog entries on the front page!  Total coincidence, but I think the people I was with were impressed by that. :)

Here's a binder I put together to show off some student work:

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  1. We are starting Math 1 next year too. Lower level students will use Carnegie curriculum. I'm totally stressed over this transition. Not sure my students will be ready...

    Any chance you'll be sharing the math 1 livebinder? If you do, email link?