Monday, January 23, 2012

Trig Identities!

Three precalc classes is too many.  Know how I know?  Because I'm getting a little tired of trig identities. It's admittedly my favorite part of the year.... but by the third time each day that I have to show/talk about/help with identities, I'm over them.

I was trying to think about something I could do to make them a little more fun... a puzzle?  Some sort of interaction? (Like I have, You have)  But I didn't get anything together for it.  So I guess we'll just finish 'em up in the next day or two (I'm going to a conference on Weds and will be out) and then move on.

C'est la vie.  (Did I spell that right?  I took German in high school.)

I hate to complain about my favorite class and my favorite topic. So I'll move on.

Just scored some brownie points with my principal - and I like to store them up for the future when I might get myself in trouble. :)  I was checking out the county ed website that lists all of their seminars (of which I'm attending on Weds) and noticed one called Performance-based Assessments for Mathematics that is being offered in April. I sent her an email asking if it would be possible to attend; just got a response saying that my department head is going to talk about it today.  

I haven't had my iPad usable since October (don't remember if I mentioned that or not) and have some new news on it...  Here's what's happened so far.
1.  Dropped a bowl on it while cooking in mid-October.  Oops. Got a pretty pattern on the glass but the iPad itself worked fine, thank goodness.
2.  Took it to an Apple store because I'd heard that sometimes they just swap 'em out. No dice.
3.  Just before Halloween I took it over to the Tech person for the district so she could take a look at it.
4.  Emailed her in early December because I hadn't heard anything... she responded by saying that it wasn't something they could fix at the district level (no duh) and it would be $350 (that I would have to pay) to send to apple to fix.  I asked if I could have it back so I could try and find a cheaper fix. She agreed.
5.  Got the iPad back our first week back after break.  They'd sent it off somewhere and the glass is entirely off the front.  Found a replacement glass on ebay that I ordered... hoping that a $41 fix will work!
6.  That week I plugged the iPad in to charge it. No reaction. Tried a different charger, same result. My guess is that when whoever removed the glass took it off they did something to the electrical component.
7.  Emailed tech lady again about the lack of charge almost two weeks ago. Nothing heard back.
8.  Forwarded that email to her again and very nicely said that maybe it had snuck past her.  She replied today (and she's been very good about responding to my multiple problems!) and said that if I get a quote to get the repair done to forward it to her and they'll issue a PO.

So here's where I am. They want me to find a fix for the part of the iPad I didn't break. Where do I start?

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