Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm cleaning out my desk today.

The results:
1.  5 rolls of tape (masking and scotch)
2.  5 containers of white-out (I'm assuming they're all dried out)
3.  various school ids
4. a multitude of rubber bands, paperclips, and rulers
5. pages of stickers
6. old thank you notes from students
7. senior pictures of kids (many of whom I can't remember names... feel bad about that!)
8.  several years of evaluations
9. a water gun
10. 2 decks of cards
11. a timer (which I'll take home for my boy! need it for that nightly 15-minute reading time!)
12. various cd's and dvd's of who-knows-what

And all of this would be in addition to the stuff that I actually knew was there!
Want to do know what I'm doing the rest of the day?

(I'm not a total slacker - I've spent the previous 3 days grading, planning for the next couple of weeks,  and getting copies made.)

I <3 exam week!

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