Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Random today stuff.

1.  I arranged my desks in groups today.  Kinda liked it!  It gave me much more room to wander about.  I think I'll do that more often.  (My Algebra 1 kids loved it, but they were also noisier than usual.  Hmm.)

2nd class
1st class
2.  We broke out the trashketball in precalc.  Two classes were pretty successful at it, one was kinda boring (but it's also hot and kids are seeming kind of drained).  I had them make up team names, which is usually pretty fun.  The boring class was boring - Team Jeff, Team 1, etc.  Bleh.  But one boy in that class did ask if we could play every day.  Um, let me think about it.  No.  In one class someone hit a 3-pointer from the corner to win the game at the last second - very exciting!
boring class

3.  Our network was down about 4 hours this morning so I was happy not to have anything planned that I needed to get online for (except the normal access to our gradebook, attendance, email, etc.).  And luckily I'd even planned ahead a bit and got my Algebra 2 test printed yesterday afternoon... if it had been earlier in the day (instead of last period) and I hadn't been able to print anything I would've been hurting.  Instead, the only thing that affected me was not being able to print out notes for the Algebra 1 kids.  They'll live.

4.  Had a walk-through type visit today from our assistant principal.  I realized later that I'm not even on his observation list, so I guess he was just wandering around to see what was going on.  It was during the first trashketball class and we were having a good time (while learning!) so I'm hoping he got a good impression.

5.  Early dismissal tomorrow and a precalc test.  Those two don't normally mix well.  I made up the precalc test to be what I think of as pretty short, so hopefully time isn't an issue.  Then Thursday I have another short day because I'm going to a district tech-type meeting.  At least the non-normal schedule changes make the week go quicker!

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