Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Week...

Last week was really a mixed bag for me.

Personally, the death of some friends' 3 year old (from drowning in a pool) really threw me for a loop. I felt so horrible for them as a family but also tortured myself with the thoughts of "What if that were me?".  The funeral on Friday afternoon was especially tough, of course.  I know their healing will be a long time coming, but I'm glad the week is over.  I spent some time over at their house this evening and was comforted to see that they're doing a little better.  The mom is still taking the little girl's blanket with her everywhere she goes and is only eating a few bites a day, but she's also not constantly wracked with sobs.  Baby steps.

Professionally, I had a great week at school (considering).  I felt really good with my classes and finally know (almost) everyone's name.  I don't know why I've struggled with this so much this year... maybe it's the bigger-than-normal classes?  Maybe it's just not trying as hard?  I don't know.  But I think I'm good now.  I also felt better prep-wise; there were actually a few nights where I didn't do any work and didn't regret it the next day!  Until tonight, of course... I just typed up a review for my precalc classes (which I'll need 1st period) and didn't do any grading or Algebra 1 prep.  Oh well.  So tomorrow I may be regretting this!  (But I was glad to be able to spend time with friends who need all the support they can get right now.)

I also fit in a 9+ mile run this afternoon... I'm so ready for this hare-brained idea of running a half-marathon to be over. One more month. What was I thinking?!

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  1. hang in there. finding time for ALL of the important things in your life (friends, family, school, health, etc.) is something that will always be a balancing act. (on a sidenote: i'm always cheering you on when i see your running tweets!) here's hoping you have a wonderful week, where you are able to strike the right balance with all of it.