Friday, August 12, 2011

One more week...

I'm currently sitting at home looking out the window at a beautiful sunny (yet awesomely pleasant!) day. Sigh.

I'm also sitting with three computers open in front of me.  How times have changed!

My husband doesn't work on Fridays (they work long hours Mon - Thurs) so my plan was to spend a childless morning at school today starting to get ready to go back.  That plan changed around 7 this morning when he received a phone call asking if he could work.  So much for having no kids around!  I would have put off going into school but I'd planned on meeting with one of the guidance counselors at school to talk about a student I'd had last year in precalc and not recommended for AP Calc who now wants to take it. Bleh.

So the kids and I got ready and headed down the road (with a stop at Dunkin' Donuts for a healthy breakfast!). They were really good, but it's really hard to do any work with a 4- and 7-year old around, even when they have their Nintendo DS and a tv tuned into Nick.  We made it a couple of hours and I got a few things done but still would like to get back to school sometime to finish things up - I hate waiting until our "work day" before school starts because something else always comes up!

A couple of weeks ago I thought about giving the kids labels with a QR code and the address of the class blog on it (read it here) so after the kids and I left school we went to Staples to see what kind of labels they had. I ended up picking up a pack of Shipping Labels (2" x 4") that I think will do the job. It turns out that there's a sit online ( where you can design your label without downloading anything and they even have a QR Code generator!  Perfect.

I guess I should try out the code, though, before I print a bunch of them (which I'm going to wait to do until I get back to school) and have it not work.  It was super nice and easy! :)

Or you can play with some of their options... I just made this one (inserted an image I'd saved of a QR code previously set up).  Cute, right?  Even if printed in black and white?  Does the QR code need to be a certain size?  I'll need to check that out...

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  1. I was able to bring up the QR code fine on my phone from the image you posted at the end of your blog post. Looks great!