Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm alive!

Just wanted to jot down a couple of things while I'm thinking about them...

@druinok and I were discussing a week or so ago about using warm-ups in class.  I'd put together a bunch of different ones for precalc on slides (link here) and thought about using them on "Warm-Up Wednesday".  But then what about the warm-ups for the other days?  @druinok suggested that I call it "Mind-Bender Monday" and switching them to Monday instead, and we decided that we'd need names for the other days too. And there I was stuck.

Thank goodness for Lisa mowing her lawn today! :)  I've never done it (hubby would never let me... his precious mower would probably take a beating) but I'd imagine that it gives you some time to think.  She came up with Mental Monday (for logic puzzles, sudokus, brain teasers, whatever), Testing Tuesday (to get kids ready for OGT), What-we've-been-doing Wednesday (with recent review material), Testing Thursday, and Free-for-all Friday (anything goes).

I don't have kids to get ready for the OGT (our sophomore state-wide test) and was trying to think of something else for Tuesday/Thursday. So how about "Think-about-it Thursday" (a preview of skills they'll need soon) and "Turn-around Tuesday" (which we could use as another review day... this one courtesy of Lisa again!)?

Anyway. Something for me to ponder.

I haven't done a whole lot of work lately... I think the only math I've done is while running (how many more miles should I go? how long will it take me? if I keep at this pace will I hit my goal?) and planning for our cruise that hubby and I are going on on Sunday (!!!).  We've been trying to plan excursions, so we've been checking out prices and times and all that fun stuff.  It's going to be weird to be so out-of-touch for a week.  I refuse to pay for internet or cell phone access, so it looks like it'll be no electronics for 7 days.  Guess I'm going cold turkey!

And I thought my google reader was overwhelming now.... can't wait to see it in a week!

Bon Voyage!

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