I just sent an e-mail of the like I've never sent before.  I have a senior in one of my honors precalculus classes that has done just about nothing this quarter.

Dear Mrs. Anonymous - 
(Your student) decided not to take today's quiz and is sitting with her/his head down.  S/He hasn't done an assignment in approximately a month and currently has a 23.5%.  We started a unit on calculus a week or so ago, so it's really a shame that s/he's not working along to try and get a head start on what s/he'll be learning next year.  

With about 3.5 weeks left in the school year and considering that (your student) earned the minimum of 55% last quarter, please consider this e-mail my notice that s/he will not be passing the semester.  I hope s/he takes the opportunity this summer to review a lot of the knowledge that s/he'll be expected to enter a calculus course with.

I've dealt with this student all year in actually doing assignments.  S/He was in my college prep Algebra 2 class last year and while they're very bright, doesn't do any "unnecessary" work.  S/He got into this class against my recommendation and has definitely shown why I thought it was a bad idea. S/He has yet to complete any projects that we did in class (and isn't that the fun stuff?!) and assignments are iffy.  I've been in touch with mom before... this is what I got last time:

I had encouraged her/him to drop the class, but s/he is considering staying to learn what s/he can because s/he will be taking Calc in college next year.

I think the seniors are already admitted in their colleges and get senior itis the last semester, it must be hard to keep them motivated.  Hopefully everything works out as it should.  (Name) is an adult, 18 years old, going off to the Marines and college in the fall so I certainly don't want to battle anything with her/him in her/his senior year.  I am confident s/he is a smart (wo)man and will be able to do whatever s/he applies her/himself too, that is her/his only difficulty, applying her/himself.

I hope that when my children are this age I can be the parent that runs the middle road.... not the helicopter, hovering parent but not the total hands-off, it's totally up to them parent.  It's sad to me that this kid has no guidance about what s/he should be doing right now.