10' x 20' paper.... #WCYDWT?

I have the paper. (See blog post here.) It traveled around in my Flex for almost a week... barely fit from back to front, but the important thing was that it did fit even with the windows shut. We've had crazy rain here lately and I didn't want to be driving around with open windows! I had a couple of kids bring it into school yesterday so they could get an idea of exactly what it is we're dealing with.

I have one class that's really excited about this crazy paper - they've been asking every day if I have the paper, where it is, and when we're going to use it. I didn't want to go outside, though, without some tasks to do with it. Our main goal is to determine how many times we can fold this paper. But I'm sure that there's some other math "stuff" we can do too. So I left it up to them. Yesterday I asked the class to give me 2 - 3 ideas that we could choose from.

Ideas for our 10’ x 20’ piece of paper:
1.  How many times can it be folded?  (submitted 10 times)
2.  How many “normal” pieces of paper would fit on the paper?
3.  What’s your words with friends name? (This boy's been bugging me about that for a while now... I told him if he got a 100% on our next quiz I'd play him.)
4.  If we trace our hands all over it, how many hands can we fit?
5.  How many times can you fold the paper long ways?
6.  How many times do you have to fold it to be the size of a normal piece of paper?
7.  We can draw pictures on it.
8.  We can make a cootie catcher or push paper.
9.  We should fold it and run across it to flatten it out.
10.  What will the surface area be/how much it grows or decays?
11.  How many normal notebook papers could fit on this big piece of paper?
12.  What is the area of the paper?
13.  Decorate the paper, keep it in the room for future generations to see.
14.  Can we make an airplane that can take flight?
15.  How thick will it be after folding it as many times as possible?
16.  What is the circumference of the fully folded paper?
17.  How thick would it get if we folded it 8 times?
18.  Make a paper airplane and see how far it can fly.
19.  What is the surface area of the paper?
20.  How many Mrs. Fouss’s can fit along the paper?
21.  What’s the area?
22.  What’s the perimeter?
23. How big of a cootie catcher could we make?
24.  Does width and length affect how many times you can fold it?
25.  How many people can we fit on the piece of paper?
26.  Make a paper airplane it throw it off the roof.
27.  Find the area.
28.  How many sections will it break up into?
29.  Is it possible to make a giant origami shape?
30.  Giant cootie catcher!!!!!!
31.   How many pieces of paper it could make.

My weekend task is to narrow this down and decide what it is that we will be doing...

Again, big big big thanks to the kind people at SMART Papers who donated this giant piece of paper to us. :)