Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prom is in the air!

At the school where I teach, some of the kids go crazy in asking each other to prom (and answering those queries).  Sometimes they get the teachers involved.

A couple of days ago, one of my students from last year stopped in after school to ask if I would help her out in saying yes to prom.  Her date is in one of my classes this year.  Of course I agreed - I'd never want to stand in the way of young love!  (gag.)

She brought in a list of statement that she wanted me to say to the class.  I was to have them stand up and if the statement wasn't true for them they were to sit down.  It started out pretty general (you're taking precalculus; you're a boy;  you're a senior. . .) and after 7 or 8 of these we were left with only the intended recipient.  As the winner, he was given a 5 lb bag of flour with a note on it that said to look inside.  The girl had told me she thought he'd wait until he got home (because I didn't want a big floury mess) but the other kids urged him to open it up and check it out.  He headed up to the trash can (thank goodness) and slowly emptied the bag.  Nothing in there.

Today the girl came in with a pretty red flower and asked me to give it to him in class.  So as we were getting started, I told him that there'd been a mistake yesterday and he'd gotten the wrong flower (flour... get it?).  It had a note taped around the stem.

Overall, a cute idea.  I guess the days of just asking and saying yes are gone!


  1. I love it! Nothing like that happens at our school. It sounds really fun . . . but more like a marriage proposal than an invite to prom?