I realized it's been a while since I've updated anything....

I finally got over being sick - it was a fun two weeks of nasty congestion and coughing and general yuckiness. Bleck. I actually didn't miss any school for me, but my daughter got a week long throwing-up bug and I stayed home with her one day.

I'm not sure what's going on right now (it could just be the time of year) but I'm really struggling to keep up with everything.  I have a constant stack of papers on my desk that need graded and I feel like I'm just plodding along.  I think the kids are feeling that way, too.  Is it just the February doldrums?  Is everyone feeling this way?

It doesn't help that this is the view outside my window right now.  Can you say dreary?  (It's 8:30ish.  It looks like it could be 5:00 PM.)

So it's been a long short week.  We only had 4 days of school, but I feel like it's been a 6-day week.  I stayed home all day on Monday (President's Day) and graded papers.  Wednesday evening we had Parent Conferences, so Wednesday felt like two days built into one.  (On a good note, I talked with a lot of parents that I needed to talk to.... and I can't count how many times I mentioned being active learners.  As in "Your son/daughter needs to be more of an active learner.")

Basically, I'm tired. When's spring break?  Better yet... when's summer? :)


  1. I am jealous of your view. My new classroom doesn't have windows . . . :(


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