Monday, January 24, 2011

iPad, anyone?

My first grade son brought home a couple of things from school today.

1.  An invitation to the Academic breakfast on Friday morning for me and my hubby.  I think to be invited, the student has to be nominated by the teacher - isn't that cool?  I'm hoping to be able to take 1/2 a personal day to go.  I'd hate to miss it!

2.  His second quarter report card.  He had all E's (Excellent) except for Math (Satisfactory).  Ugh - a dagger in my heart!  It basically all stemmed from one test that he took and earned a 75% on because he didn't count well.  Hate that!  I can picture him rushing through it just to get done (because when he brought the test home and we talked about it he got all of the answers right).  Oh well.

I had a fun opportunity pop up at school today.  My principal has mentioned a couple of times that she'd like to get a class set of iPads for us to use, and today on our school ning there was an application to be part of the iPad project.  It looks like a select group of teachers will get an iPad to explore how they can be used in class.  I was all over that and got my application was turned in this morning!    One of the questions on the application was about why we'd like to take part and how we'd use it with students;  I'm honestly not sure what I'd do, but I'd love the opportunity to try!  I said that on my app and then gave a link to a livebinder that I threw together with some links showing how people have used them in a math classroom.... think that'll give me a leg up on the competition?  (Here's what I found if you're interested.)

If you have any other suggestions on how to use them, I'd love to know!

(I didn't include using geogebra, which I know would be awesome on them, too.  Assuming they support java.)

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  1. As part of my Ed Tech grad program, I took a class called Integrating iPads in the Classroom. With our tuition (plus $200), we received an iPad. One of our assignments was to review some apps that we could use in our class and put them on our wiki. Honestly, only a couple of them were worthy of useful math learning tools. I did see another app out there that looks like the Algebra Touch app but possibly better. It's called Mathination. I don't have it because I'm too cheap, but it looks great!