Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Home again!

My little girl told me last night that it hurt to do this.  (And then she swallowed.)  I'm not an alarmist and I usually err on the side of "Shake it off, you'll be fine" but she didn't eat dinner and then fell asleep on the couch.  It was a long night of her waking up in her bed and crying until I laid down with her.  I'd sleep for a little bit then head back to my bed, only to repeat that process 30 - 60 minutes later.  At 4:45 she woke me up because she'd wet the bed and we needed to change the sheets.  It was then that I decided I should stay home with her today.  I actually took her to the doctor this afternoon when she wasn't feeling any better; turns out that they think she has strep throat (has all 4 of the classic signs) and needs to stay home again tomorrow.

Normally that's not a problem.  My in-laws live close and are retired and jump at the chance to stay with the kids.  Unfortunately this week they're 2 hours away with my sister-in-law, who just had a baby.

Now what?

I'm trying to get some activities together for staying home a second day in a row from school.  Today was easy - everything was prepped and ready (I was actually feeling proud of myself at school yesterday for having stuff planned out for a few days!  Assuming I'd be there, of course.).  But now?  Hmm.

I've been doing some searching - I checked out ILoveMath.org, Sam Shah's virtual filing cabinet, and NCTM's illuminations site.  These are a couple of things I tagged to use in the future.

1.  Another virtual filing cabinet from the blog Take it to the Limit.  I've never seen this one before and added it to my reader!

2.  An idea for introducing the unit circle from Riley Lark.  We just did this in precalc, but I'm trying to make the unit circle more of a discovery thing for the kids (as opposed to the idea of I show, they learn).

3.  Some resources for teaching Algebra 2 kids to graph parabolas on Math Stories.  Again, we just finished these (the plan was to quiz on Friday) but they could be nice little reinforcement ideas as long as he fixes the links.  (Edited to add:  It's fixed!  Just click on the image.)

So here's what I'm thinking for tomorrow.
1.  In Precalc, the kids did a review sheet today for a quiz that was supposed to be tomorrow (and I said in my sub notes that we'd postpone until Thursday).  I'm thinking that I'll write up the answers to the review sheets, ask one of my wonderful colleagues to make copies for me, and then have the kids do a trig cut up in class.

2.  In Algebra 2...  still undecided.  Maybe a review of graphing parabolas and factoring to solve?  Basically, probably just a boring worksheet.  Boo.  I'll keep looking.

3.  In Algebra 1, the kids took a test today on solving equations.  In our next chapter we'll be graphing equations of lines, talking slope, ordered pairs, etc.  I'm going to use one of Dan Meyer's activities for creating a picture from plotting points (they should all know how to plot points, right?) that I found on his Algebra 1 resources (week 10).  Then I'll provide some graph paper and they can make their own design. 

Right now, I'm watching an episode of Hoarders.  I've never seen it before, and I just have one thing to say.  Eww.  (But you have to love the instant streaming from Netflix!)

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