Wednesday, September 15, 2010

three days, two subs

My little girl woke me up at 4 this morning with a temperature of 102.  My husband doesn't get sick time with his job, so it's always on me to make arrangements when the kids are sick.  These are the worst possible kind of days off - the ones you can't plan for! 

I immediately put in for a sub (we have a neato new way to do it online so I didn't have to wait for a decent hour to make a phone call) and tried to think what I could get the kids to do today without me.  It actually worked out well that because I was out on Monday for the STEM conference my seating charts are still sitting on top of my desk at school.  Normally they'd be hidden in a filing cabinet or not even current.

Precalc was pretty easy - I gave them a list of book assignments for the chapter, so they are to move on on their own.  It should be a review (Inverse Functions) but I guess we'll see about that when I get back tomorrow!

Algebra 2 was the toughest; we just had a test yesterday and are in between topics.  I have the next chapter laid out by day and was going to give them a copy of my plan today.... guess I'll need to go change some dates!  I ended up some of the "practice for the next chapter" problems and then a little activity about plotting real-type data to determine if it's discrete or continuous.  I think they can handle it.

Algebra 1 was the easiest; I already had a review sheet ready for them - we're having a test on Friday.  Staying home today actually gives me some time to get a review game of some sort ready for them for tomorrow.

The funniest thing is that I immediately went to my textbook websites to figure out assignments and such at 4 this morning.  In getting my girl socks and a drink and a tissue a few minutes ago I noticed that all of my teacher editions are stacked on a side table in the family room.  I can only plead that it was super duper early and I was too tired to think about that.... and it also shows me that my dependence on the hard-copies of the books is obviously waning.  I'm obviously comfortable with accessing my resources online!

Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow.  Otherwise, I may have to call in the reserves (in-laws).


  1. Hope your little one is feeling better. It is so hard to be out, especially with three preps.

  2. Thanks! She's feeling better but still has a fever tonight. My mother-in-law came to stay for the night and will be here with her tomorrow. I couldn't afford to take another day off this week! Gotta love in-laws who live close and love to help out. :)

  3. Dear Ms. K,

    I love your blog! Just found it. I am teaching Pre-Calc and Algebra 1 this year. Thank you for all your sharing! I hope your little one feels better. You can see what I do at
    staff, Amy Zimmer's webspace.

    I'll be checking in again!
    Yours, Amy

  4. Thanks, Amy! Glad I could help you out a little. With as much as I've gotten from other people, I feel like not sharing isn't even an option. (Did that make sense? :) )