Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New blogs to read!

I found a few new* blogs recently that look very promising... (in no particular order!)

1.  I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down from Mimi in El Salvador

2.  Long Tails of \int_e^r est from CalcDave in Tennessee

3.  Without Geometry, Life is Pointless from Avery in California  (love the name of the blog!)

4.  The Space Between the Numbers from someone (couldn't find a name anywhere... anyone know?)

*By no means are these necessarily new blogs.  Just new to me.


  1. The last blog is written by Bree. She teaches in California. And yeah, those are good blogs. The blog I love that I don't think gets enough traffic is Math for Love. This is one of my fav posts of the year:

    And Ashli Black has a good blog started at

  2. Thanks for the link! :) I'm new to the edublogging thing, and I'm still really excited each time a new person decides to drop by! :)

  3. Thanks, Jason. I added Math for Love to my reader and I already had mythagon. :)

    Mimi, I'm totally with you. Can't believe people actually read this thing! I'm amazed anytime I get a comment. :)