Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Ready

My kids are spending the weekend with my folks, so I've actually been able to sit and do some work for the past hour or so!  (Hubby's out at Home Depot, so it looks like I'll still have a few hours to myself.... does everyone take this long at Home Depot?)

While running this morning I was thinking of what I'd like to do with that dreaded first day of school.  I definitely want to get some math in, but I know I'll have to spend time on names and a seating chart (yuck) and the basic rules of how things are going to run.  I thought it might be more interesting to put together a power-point for the procedures part of it, but then reconsidered.  Power-point?  Seriously?  Geesh.  Here's the prezi I did instead.

I've played with prezi a little bit before, but this is the first complete one that I've really done.  It's pretty cool and it didn't take too long to figure out.  I actually offered it as an option to my precalc kids this past year - it's amazing how quickly they can figure stuff like this out! 

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