Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some of the results from my end of year survey... My comments in italics.

Did you put forth your best efforts in this class?  Explain.

I got a bit lazy second semester, focusing on colleges and other classes a little more, but mostly, yes. I find that when the teacher takes the class seriously and does his/her best to actually teach the class for understanding (rather than the daily grind), I'm far more motivated to do the work.

(I don't know if that means he/she felt I taught the class for understanding or not... I'm hoping yes.)

I did and I did the best that I could.  Math isn't my strongest subject, but you made it both fun and entertaining, and you were probably one of my favorite Anderson teachers.
Did you feel comfortable asking questions or seeking extra help?  If no, please explain.

yes.  Although I never stayed after school frequently, I was comfortable asking for help, no matter how small.

Yes I did.  You are such a nice teacher that I never felt awkward if I didn't understand something.

(These were all yes's (yesses?).  Awesome to know.)

What advice do you have for me in teaching this course again next year?

I like the way you present notes.  I like doing bookwork and then doing worksheets after we've done a few sections.  Having only 10 - 15 problems a night was good, too.  I think more people did the homework because the number of problems didn't scare them away.

(I just went to 10 problems a night this year (odds only) in precalc, after years of doing 25 - 30.  The kids appreciated it, and their results were just as good.  I'm definitely going to stick with that for next year.  I'm determined to actually grade more assignments, though, to make sure that they're spending the time on their homework that I want them to.)

Keep up with the games!  It keeps us awake.

Dont change much I learned a lot more in this class than any other one I have taken

listen to your students. if they all dont feel ready for something...give them alittle extra time

Maybe do a weekly review and bring stuff back that we had already learned.

(Great idea!  Definitely need to do something like this. . .)

Don't change anything.  Math is usually such a boring subject, but with the activities you had and by being such a nice and caring teacher, you made it really fun and for the first time i didn't dread going to math.

Keep it up.  It was fun having a teacher that wanted to talk to us and tried to have so many activities.

(I'm glad they appreciate the activities... it definitely takes time to get them together!  I'm hoping to do many more next year.)

What advice do you have for students taking this course next year?

(I'll summarize... DO THE HOMEWORK!)

Did anything in particular surprise you about this class?

The surprise was only having 10 to 15 problems of homework.  I went in thinking we would have a ton but it was a good amount.  Not too much but not too many either.

You proved to me that it is possible for math to not be completely boring.


Is there anything else you think I should know?

I've always loved math, and it's always been my best subject.  But this year and your teaching made me love it even more!  Thank you!!!

Mrs. Fouss, you are a great math teacher and because of you I am probably going to become a math teacher myself.  Thank you for a wonderful year!

If I had an hour to live I would spend it in your class because it feels like an eternity.

(Aww, how sweet.  Wait a minute. . . what?!)

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  1. What are "no note days?" Thanks for sharing your survey results.

  2. Our no note days could be worksheet or activity days... just something other than making them sit and listen. :)