Friday, June 18, 2010

Homework, anyone?

I had a great twitter conversation last night with @druinok, @jreulbach, @Mrs_LHenry (with some asides from @msgregson, @wmcneary, @mccormickmath, @samjshah, and @approx_normal and a couple of great links from @mrautomatic) that got me thinking about how I want to do homework next year.  I don't have anything concrete in mind yet, but here are some things that I brought from the convo. (If anyone needs some math people to follow on twitter, that's an amazing list up there!!!)

1.  Using some type of barometer for kids to show how much of an assignment they understood
      Options:  Green/Yellow/Red (cards taped on desk? write on paper?)
                     Sign-in sheet (or paper in their notebook?)

2.  Post homework answers in class for kids to check on their own (or just assign odds)

3.  Have kids write #s on the board for problems they want to see (keeps things anonymous, hopefully will get the shy ones to ask what they need to ask!)

4.  Differentiating Assignments - overlap problems (like Prob Set A is 1 - 10 and Prob Set B is 6 - 15) Let some kids choose which set, assign some kids a certain set.  But how to assess?  Same thing?  (Need to check with @k8nowak about her Easy/Hard worksheet.)

@jreulbach's wiki:
Differentiating Assignments blog post:
Posting Answers blog post:

Oh, and @msgregson talked me into buying this project book for precalc...  just kidding!  But I did buy it last night and am so excited to see what it's got for me to use!  (This is hopefully more of what I'm thinking about doing this year....)


  1. in my training today, we discussed using clickers to have the kids tell us how they felt about the HW. it can be completely anon. which is nice.

    and i hope that book ends up being as great as it looks. can't wait to hear your opinion and find out my schedule so i can order it! :)

  2. Thanks! LOVE the summary and I already posted this post to the math wiki!

    I hadn't thought about putting the sign-in sheet in their notebooks. That would help with sign-in time. But, I want to see who could do what in a summary.

    Maybe we could have the sign-in sheet be ONLINE??

    Wheels turning...