What a nice day it was today with a computer that actually responds to clicks.  Ahhhh....

The first thing I did at school this morning was to try and find the little tech guy to see if he'd give me administrator rights for my tablet.  He wasn't in his office (and I discovered that the icon that should've been installed to help me submit a trouble issue wasn't appearing) so I stopped by a neighbor's room to use her machine and make it known that I needed some help.

By the time I got back to my room, I had an e-mail update to my ticket; our district tech lady had upgraded my submission to "critical" status, saying that I'd been waiting so long for my computer that they needed to get it fixed ASAP.  That was definitely nice!  The tech guy was in my room within 20 minutes. 

He got everything fixed up and gave me rights and I was all set!  The one last thing that bothered me today was that I can't get the screen to flip to the secondary landscape position when I go to tablet mode.  But I can live with that for now. :)

Hopefully everything's been resolved.  It's been a long time coming!

Another cool thing today - I got an email from Barnes & Noble saying that there was an update for the software on the nook (I got one a couple of weeks ago).  I updated it when I got home from school, and my nook now has sudoku, chess, and a web browser!  So cool.  I just can't wait until summer comes and I might actually have time to read. :)

Happy weekend!