Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 1 of transformation bootcamp using GSP today. I think it went ok - it took a while for the kids to settle in and work on their own. One boy literally sat there for 20 minutes doing nothing. Then he said he didn't know what to do (try reading what I gave you to read and do on your computer!). Hoping day 2 goes better... and then on Friday we're going to use Kate Nowak's Golf Activity.

I was kinda freaking out last night because I couldn't find the GSP Intro that PersidaB sent me on twitter. But I did a search online (if you haven't tried searching specifying filetype in google, you're totally missing out!!! do your search, then type filetype:doc or ppt or whatever. Check out the advanced options if you need to) and found something that I ended up pretty much copying and using. I can't find the link right now... I'll keep looking!

On a side note, I still don't have my tablet back (haven't seen it since September). I was talking with another math teacher at school who's going through the same thing (though his gone after mine) and it sounds like there are some tablets down in the computer people's office that have been lost in the shuffle. It's entirely possible that mine is down there. Grr.

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