I embedded a youtube video a couple of weeks ago on my precalc class blog. It showed a huge Sierpinski triangle made of Doritos on a football field. (Yes, I know, I'm a geek, but I thought it was really cool!) I know my precalc kids check out the blog somewhat often (even if just to find their notes, review sheet answers!) but never comment. I have a stat-tracker checking it just to make sure. So I hardly ever check to see if there are comments on it.

Yesterday, though, I posted an extra credit opportunity for the kids on it and asked them either to comment that they'd seen it or send me an e-mail before tomorrow morning (then they were to actually do the problems). I figured this would help the spread of kids telling kids about the extra credit at school tomorrow and them getting out of checking the blog for it. Anyway, I was just checking to see if there were any comments (there were 3) from students and noticed a comment on that previous post about the Doritos. It was from a guy saying that his class made the video and left a link to another youtube video that's the making of the first video. Fun!

This is the link to the original video. Here's his behind the scenes look.