I've never been into the whole cell phone thing. I got one late into the game (probably around 1998 when I had a car accident and realized that I had no way of getting a hold of someone to pick me up!) and really don't use my phone too much (it's a Nokia 6086, which is a pretty basic flip phone). We actually don't have cell phone reception at my house - we're out in the country with lots of trees around - and have phones that work with the wifi at the house. I'm not sure I've ever actually used it for that purpose. Actually, I usually just keep my phone in the purse, which I keep in my car. (So don't call me on it if you think I'm at home!)

Lately I've become envious of the people with all of the cool stuff on their phones... like internet and the ability to stay connected. I'd love to be able to do neat stuff on my phone! I wasn't going to say anything to my husband about it (because he hates spending money on stuff like that) but then a couple of weeks ago he told me that he was surprised that I hadn't said anything about wanting one. That put some wheels in motion!

I think I've found what I want. The Nokia 5800 looks like their version of the iPhone (I think) and looks pretty cool. The only downfall is that it wouldn't work with the wifi... at least to make calls at home. But, again, I'm not sure I've accessed that feature in the past anyway.

So happy shopping to me! :) (Now I just need to get hubby past the fact that not only will it cost $30 more a month in services, but it'll be something like $200 for the phone itself.)