Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I got my phone! Although there were several people at lunch yesterday trying to talk me into getting an iPhone, I stuck with my choice of the Nokia 5800. Now I just need to figure it all out. . .

I just found a tutorial site for it, which I think will help. We'll see!

On a totally different subject, my classes have changed a bit for this year - I talked to my department head yesterday afternoon and because of a recent hire some classes needed to be juggled around. Unfortunately, I got the short end of the stick. Instead of 2 honors precalcs, 2 algebra 2s and 1 integrated geometry, I'm losing an algebra 2 for an integrated geometry. The general classes are usually divided up where everyone gets one - now I'm up to 2 for the year. The kicker is that the classes are back to back - 6th and 7th periods. Ugh! I always request that my integrated class is in the morning - I've had horrible luck with them in the afternoon (which seems to be the case for most teachers). So now I have two of them at the end of the day! Not looking forward to this. . .

I do have to admit that there's one good thing about the switch. I was going to have some girls in that algebra 2 class that I had in algebra 1 as freshmen and wasn't looking forward to having again. Gotta look for positives, I guess!

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