Around the same time I started this blog, I also started a more school-related anonymous one. I haven't kept up with it and thus am going to delete it, but there are a couple of posts that I didn't want to lose. The following is one.

Dated 6/5/09:

Day 2 of exams today. I'm bored out of my mind. My google reader is all caught up, I've been checking twitter every 2 minutes to see if anything good has come up, and I've played more than my fair share of a dumb game on facebook. We come back on Monday for 2 more exams (due to an excess of snow days this winter!). I have my conference period first (which hopefully will allow me to get mostly checked out!) and then 4 kids are taking my 7th period precalc exam.

I set up a survey a couple of weeks ago (on survey monkey) and asked my kids to take it. Totally voluntary and on their own time. Here are my results:

Out of 106 students, 53 took it. (69.8% were precalc, 7.5% were general, and 22.7% were algebra 2)

Question #2 (the first was "What class are you in?"): I put forth my best efforts in this class.
a. strongly agree 24 (45.3%)
b. agree 26 (49.1%)
c. disagree 2 (3.8%)
d. strongly disagree 1 (1.9%)

  • I could have tried a lot harder.
  • When (student teacher) was here not really. I was lost a lot and didn't feel like trying
  • I just do the work (for the most part) and my grade is always high. Your notes are organized enough where if I don't understand I can just look at an example and figure it out. The class is pretty easy, so not much effort is required.
  • I kind of avoid the stuff I don't understand because I get scared.

Question #3: I felt comfortable asking questions in class.
a. strongly agree 39
b. agree 11
c. disagree 2
d. strongly disagree 1

  • I'm very shy in class, but going after school helps a lot.
  • best math teacher ever!! crazy helpful- sorry i talked a lot and asked MASS questions (especially when workin on that review)
  • I know I could have asked more questions earlier in the year to reassure myself, and I wish I had.
  • You always did a great job answering questions! You are my favorite math teacher ever!
  • teacher was always very willing to help the students and answer questions and did not get easily annoyed when student didn't understand topic at first

Question #4: I felt comfortable asking for help outside of class.
a. strongly agree 30
b. agree 18
c. disagree 3
d. strongly disagree 1

  • I was very greatful that you were available after school but I am afraid that next year I don't know what I am going to do because I will be leaving early for and internship :( so I will have to come in before school but you will not be here. So I will have to figure something out.
  • just didn't have enough time

Question #5: My understanding of mathematics has increased as a result of this class.
a. strongly agree 33
b. agree 17
c. disagree 0
d. strongly disagree 2

  • Really helped me on the ACT (radians and trig)
  • much better prepared for college math, cemented understanding of topics already learned
  • I understood everything when you taught it to us...I'm just not good at math and don't retain well. However, as we've brought some concepts back recently, I've been excited to remember what they are!!

Question #6: My enjoyment of mathematics has increased as a result of this class.
a. strongly agree 21
b. agree 21
c. disagree 8
d. strongly disagree 2

  • I really understand concepts a lot better, and I enjoy math a lot more because of this. I find radians easier than degrees now!
  • enjoyed the structure of the class
  • You make it seem so much simpler than I've always thought! When it doesn't seem like nothing but an incredibly complicated time-waster, math is a lot more fun!

Then I asked a specific question to the Algebra 2 kids about note-taking, and my last question was: What advice do you have for students in this course next year?
  • Make sure to do and turn in all of your homework and do the extra credit
  • Make sure you get help if you are unsure of anything
  • Pay attention during note taking. This is (student's name) by the way
  • Don't be lazy and do the problem of the week every week.
  • Be smart where you sit
    it'll keep your grade up.
    oh and problems of the week too.
  • I'm not sure to be honest. Just do your homework and pay attention really.
  • Take excessive notes
  • >>Appreciate<< the well-given help you receive!
  • They'll do great as long as a student teacher isn't involved. Study more for tests and quizzes than they have in the past.
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • pay attention while taking notes and write down examples so you can refer back to them during homework
  • Do the homework and study!
  • Don't spend too much time on the problem of the week and just try to keep your grade up to begin with.
  • do your homework because it really helps you learn the material, and it makes the tests really easy. Mrs. Fouss makes precalc fun!
  • It's a generally good time.
  • Have fun because because your teacher knows how to make it fun!
  • study
  • study for the tests and if you don't understand something, ask! (or talk to the teacher after class!)
  • Always do your homework, the problem of the weeks, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something.
  • Make sure they do all of the homework
  • make sure your organized! it will help a lot with notebook quizzes and studying for exams
  • GET AHEAD EARLY! You will need those points at the end of the semester.
  • Pay attention to note taking and ask questions if you don't understand a certain concept.
  • To study as you go and don't learn everything the night before the test. and pay attention when Mrs. Fouss goes over hw- its helpful
  • always ask for help. there is no stupid questions. the stupidest question you can ever ask is when you don't ask.

There were more "do your work" type comments, too.

I'm pretty happy with the results and am already planning how I want to use this next year. I think I'll compile this list to give to next year's classes - maybe that'll help them get a good idea of how I roll!