Although the web 2.0 class that I took this summer is over, I did like the idea of listing some of the items that show up in my google reader that I enjoy. So I'll probably do that periodically when I find something that I think is worth it.

I just opened up my reader (by accident, actually, but we won't go into that) and saw a post that said "Is This Your Life's Work?" and the first statement said this: I'm starting to believe that my and other math teachers' blogs are giving the impression that we stay up all night making amazing lessons to deliver to every single class starting immediately. It was from f(t), by Kate Nowak. She was responding to an e-mail she'd received from a teacher who was starting to freak out about all the work that was ahead of her. Kate's response was basically that it takes time... years... to get your work where you want it to be. I've heard several times that once you get a basic curriculum down, start to revise it by 10% a year. That's not too overwhelming, and in a few years you should have quite a few good activities going. Although I've kept that in the back of my head, Kate's post was very reassuring.

Another neat one (I've got my reader open as I write this and have been scrolling through things). I've never really understood how Prezi (although it looks neat) could work for me. But this is a really cool presentation that Alison did called "Math is Not Linear". Really neat. I couldn't figure out where it came from, but I just ran across Alison Blank's blog and voila! There it was.

I intended to write a post about getting ready for school... getting all of my stuff over to OneNote (from Journal) and blah blah blah. But I think these two links were much more interesting. :)