Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A couple of things today. . .

I just saw that the Math Smart Notebook software has been released in its beta version. I'm currently uploading it to try it out! I don't use Smart Notebook much (when you write on it with the tablet it doesn't look very nice and I tend to be needlessly picky about that) but I might be persuaded to change my mind if there's some cool stuff!

There was a spammy e-mail sent to my school account about a Master's program in Education Design & Technology. Because I have nothing better to do (ha! There's a load of unfolded laundry sitting at my feet in a house that desperately needs vacuumed.) I clicked on it. It looks like a neat program (though I already have my master's) but do I really need a whole program? I think I'll try to be smart about it and just look for individual classes/seminars/conferences that interest me.

I just searched Flickr for a good picture of a laundry basket to put above. . . it's amazing how many cats and kids like to play/sleep in the baskets.

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