Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun! Or are really busy. :)

I feel like I've been busier lately at school despite having a student teacher (or maybe that should be because of my student teacher!). I have had the chance to keep up with Twitter quite a bit... it's a nice easy thing to keep up with and scroll with during the day (and it's not blocked at school - yes!).

I tried to update my Internet Explorer this weekend to version 8.0 and failed miserably. Suddenly I couldn't connect at all unless I disabled all of my add-ons... but having to do that every time was annoying. I tweeted about it and received a reply from @lekahe about how she uses firefox. So I went ahead and downloaded & installed it and have been using it ever since. (I know, a whole 3 days, but still!) After I figured out how to open a new tab (I admit to looking in the "help" section) everything's been smooth sailing. I especially like how my favorites are spread out across the top for easy access - I have progressbook (school gradebook) and teacher webpage login right there! Awesome.

The one thing I don't like about Firefox is how it works with our school e-mail - it doesn't refresh at all to show when new messages arrive. I finally figured that out today (it was hard to believe that no one had sent any e-mails today!) and might ask around to see if anyone else uses firefox to see what they did about it. But if that's the only thing I don't like, I can totally live with it. :)

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  1. didnt even know you blogged Kristen! now I can stalk you on here too, and not just twitter. I hope you are having a fun spring break!!!!